The Elipse Studio

Access to the first experience of Elipse lABS. Discover and handle your studio

An immersive experience

Elipse Studio is the first immersive experience on Elrond. Multiple technologies coexist in this studio :
- Virtual reality : access your studio from your mobile application and move around at the first person view.
- Augmented reality : Project your studio into the real world. Using your phone's camera, discover your studio as if it were your own flat.

Display your NFT in 2D and 3D

We wanted to create the new extension for your wallet. The Elipse studio allows you to discover your NFTs in a new and innovative way. Display your 2D NFTs on walls like works of art, stand your 3D NFTs like statues. Explore your favorite collections like if they were with you in real life. The customization will go much further in the coming months.

A shared space

Why having a personal gallery if you can't share it with others ? Elipse studio allows you to share access to visitors. Create your personal link, share it with whoever you want and let them discover your latest NFT purchases.

How to access your studio ?

Access to the studio is initially done through our mobile application. In order to access your studio, you must have an Elipse Studio NFT in your maiar wallet.


Get your NFT studio to access the Elipse experience.
1 NFT = 1 Studio


Download the Elipse Labs app and connect your wallet. Welcome to the Elipse community.